Toffee Recipes

Toffee is universally known as a hard, chewy substance made from boiling sugar and molasses with butter or oil, occasionally adding flour. In England, it's traditionally sold with a 'toffee hammer' to break it up into manageable, easy to eat pieces.

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About Toffee

The first publication of the word 'toffee' was way back in 1825, thought to come from the word 'taffy' — both of these are thought to be English dialect and the exact origins are unknown, although food writer Harold McGee claims it to be 'from the Creole for a mixture of sugar and molasses'.

It's also possible that the word 'toffee', originally spelt 'toughy' may have been due to the tough texture of a toffee when trying to eat it.

You can eat all sorts of toffee in all sorts of flavours — rum & raisin, chocolate, vanilla, and many more. It's also used in deserts and to coat apples in the autumn to make a sweet snack that's commonly eaten around Bonfire Night.

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